The Heritage House was built around 1907 in Albuquerque, New Mexico's Historic Huning Highland addition. The historic district got its name from Franz Huning, one of the developers of the district. This district was developed to accommodate the many individuals moving to Albuquerque from the east in the 1800s when the railroad came to Albuquerque. This accounts for the more Victorian style of the home, which is unusual for this area due to the heavy influence of the Southwest adobe style. It is a Dutch colonial home that is known as the "Simpson House" in some records because the Simpson family was one of the longer owners of the home. They owned the house from 1922 till 1950. But the house has had a variety of owners from physicians and telegraph operators to employees of the surrounding hospitals. From the records we have found the house has always been a single family home. Something rare for many of the homes in this historic district.

The Grants acquired this home in 2004, and they immediately began a very extensive restoration on the property. Much of the plaster on the interior walls of the house needed repair, which they first attempted, and then began to realize that much of it was just going to have to be removed. Since the plaster was removed they were then able to insulate the walls. This was only the beginning to a very labor intensive renovation. They did everything from stripping several layers of paint off of the stairway to having the floors sanded and restored to their original beauty. To give the house some of the modern conveniences, they also put in new central heat and air in every room of the house as well as running cable to each room so that their guests can enjoy their own TV.

After most of the renovations were done, they began to collect antiques and decorate each of the rooms. Kara personally took on this task by carefully selecting colors and fabrics that would create a unique feel in each of the rooms. Each room has been decorated with special finishes and touches. She then personally made the bedding and curtains for each of the rooms. Kara wanted to give each room a very personal touch. The antiques are a collection of family heirlooms from each of the Grants' families as well as some of their close friends. In fact, it was the wonderful contributions from many of those close to them that gave the Grants the inspiration for the house's name. Not only does the house have a rich heritage but much of the furnishings do as well, making "Heritage House" a very fitting name for the place.

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