What To Do With Leftover Coffee

So recently I decided to be very intentional about adding another sorting task to myself and my employees.  Everyday at the close of breakfast we dump out at least one FULL basket of coffee grounds.  Sometimes I would walk out the door and dump them on the rose bushes because I had heard they were good for them.  But many mornings in the hast of just getting everything cleaned and back to its place we just dump the grounds in the trash. 

This year I have my garden going again and unfortunatley I am having a little trouble with some of my plants looking kind of wilty and “not so good.”  After some research I have found the cause of the problem might be a lack of nitrogen in the soil where they are planted.  Yes, I can go to the store and buy somethings to supplement the soil but then I remembered – Coffee has nitrogen in it!  And boy do I have a LOT of that!  

I decided that I would read a few articles to confirm my decision and found that it really will work best if mixed in the soil or if mixed in a compost pile.  In fact one thing I read said that using uncomposted coffee grounds around plants can actually stunt their growth!  WOW – that is not the result I am looking for!

So guess what I am have a 2nd large pot.  The first pot we have kept for a while and use all our left over foods in that pot for scraps for the chickens.  Now I have a second small pot that is used for the coffee grounds.  I have a pile that I have leaves, grass clippings etc that will have the grounds added and to make a nice compost to give me some good nitrogen for my soil that my poor plants seem to be missing!  

We really try to do our best around here to make sure that NOTHING goes to waste!  I am really hoping this nice litte addition makes my plants happy so that I get some really great produce from them!  


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