The Spy House was built around 1912 in historic downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the time it was built, the Spy House, and Arts and Crafts style home, was different than the neighboring Victorian-style houses. After being built, it went through a variety of owners until being purchased in 1944 by WB Freeman and his wife Margaret. At the time they bought the house, the three upstairs rooms were being used as boarding rooms. They continued to use it this way and lived in the downstairs part of the house with Margaret's father, Pete Scherer. The Freemans became one of the most well known and longest owners of the house.

Shortly after purchasing the house, the Freemans were approached by Ruth Greenglass, wife of David Greenglass, to rent one of the upstairs rooms for $32 a month. David Greenglass just happened to be the brother of Ethel Rosenberg and brother-in-law of Julius Rosenberg, convicted Soviet spies who were executed in the 1950s. David was in New Mexico to work on the atomic bomb in Los Alamos during the week and would join his wife in their one-room apartment on the weekends. On June 2, 1945 David was greeted by Harry Gold, a Soviet spy courier, to receive drawings of the portion of the atomic bomb on which he was working. David exchanged these drawings with Gold for $500 in their room in the house. It was due to th is incident that the house became known as "The Spy House". You can find mention of the house in several books. It also has been mentioned in numerous newspaper articles throughout the years.

The Freemans continued to be the owners of the house until Margaret passed away in her 90s. In fact Margaret continued to occupy the house until her death. After her passing, the house was in a family trust for a couple of years and then placed on the market. Once it came on the market, the infamous history of the house was once again in the papers. It was due to this publicity that Steve and Kara Grant came across the house and decided they couldn't pass up the opportunity to own a little piece of Albuquerque's history. After purchasing the house, they worked very hard at meticulously restoring the house back to its original glory. This included everything from taking out five kitchens in the house, repairing walls, and restoring floors. It still has the original dark stained woodwork throughout and beautiful lead glass transoms and French doors. When you walk in the door, you are greeted by the large grand staircase, one of the things that first things that caught the Grants' eyes when entering the house. Special care has been given to furnishing the house with antiques that highlight its beauty. They have tried to convey the rich history of the house by leaving the original apartment numbers on each room. The "Freeman Apartments" plaque, which at one time hung in the front of the house, now hangs in the front entry. You will truly feel all of the rich history of this house when you come to stay in it.

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