The University of New Mexico, which is not even a full mile from the Downtown Historic Bed and Breakfast west on Central, was founded in 1889. We are the perfect place to stay if you are coming to visit someone at the University, or if you are coming to check the university out to possibly enroll someone or attend it yourself. Because of us being so centrally located within the immediate area of UNM, you will get a true feeling of everything that is located in and around the University of New Mexico.

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The University of New Mexico now occupies 600 acres along old Route 66 (Central) in the heart of Albuquerque. The UNM campus is noted for its unique Pueblo Revival architectural style. This was introduced when the university's third president, William G. Tight, plastered over the Victorian-style Hodgin Hall to create a monument to the Pueblo Indian Culture. The Campus echoes the buildings of nearby Pueblo Indian villages. The nationally recognized Campus Arboretum and the popular Duck Pond offer an outstanding botanical experience in the midst of one of New Mexico's great public open spaces.

As noted earlier Central, which is Albuquerque's original "Main Street" or Route 66, runs in front of the University of New Mexico. Until the mid-1930s, Central Avenue east of UNM consisted of a few motor courts, gas stations, campgrounds, and a cafe. In fact when the university was first constructed on its site, it looked like a large lone building out in the middle of a large southwestern prairie. But with Route 66 being the only paved road crossing New Mexico, development began to spread east and west along the shoulders of Central with the University situated in the middle of it.

By the beginning of World War II, this area up and down Route 66 began to grow into Albuquerque's first suburb, known as Nob Hill. R.B. Waggoman developed the Nob Hill Business Center, one of the first modern shopping centers west of the Mississippi. The center and the district blossomed into the most fashionable area of town.

Today's Nob Hill is a sophisticated, vibrant mix of art galleries, antique shops, clothing boutiques, jewelry stores, music venues, and theaters. Park your car and walk to explore the eclectic goods available. If your passion is handmade paper, exotic items from foreign lands, collectibles from earlier times, fine clothing and shoes, jewelry and beads, furnishings or toys, you can find it here. When you need a break, refresh yourself at one of the upscale restaurants and cafes in the area. Nob Hill is a neighborhood frequented by locals, so you will also find grocery stores, beauty salons, photo shops, and pet supply stores. And all of this is just a matter of blocks from the university itself.

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