From the Article Remaking History
Albuquerque Journal, November 4, 2006:

After three years and more than $100,000 in renovations, Steve and Kara Grant finally feel at home in their 1912 Bungalow-style house in the Huning highland neighborhood of Albuquerque. . . READ MORE

From the Article: A Cow in the City
Albuquerque Journal, July 12, 2008:

No matter how hard you pull, you can't yank the country out of some people.

Take Kara Grant, for example. Kara grew up in Clovis, where her father farms wheat and runs cattle in Elida,70 miles away. As a kid, Kara raised critters in 4-H. Now 40, she's a businesswoman in the big city. . . READ MORE

One of the low points in American history happened on High Street in Albuquerque.

On June 2, 1945, in Apartment 4 at 209 High St. N.E., two men matched pieces cut from a Jell-O box. Harry Gold handed David Greenglass $500. Greenglass gave Gold sketches of America's most secret weapon - the atomic bomb. . . READ MORE

From the Article Home Improvement
The Albuquerque Magazine, June, 2008:

Three local houses. Three radically different situations. Three incredible transformations . . . READ MORE

Los Alamos - The espionage case of the century was back in the news last month - half a century after it began around Ashley Pond in Los Alamos, on two Santa Fe street corners and in an Albuquerque apartment - with new charges that U.S. scientists funneled secrets to the Soviet Union. . . READ MORE

From the New Mexico Wedding Planner
July, 2009 Issue:

The Downtown Bed and Breakfasts of Albuquerque featuring the Heritage & Spy House, is a fabulous location to host your next wedding or event . . . READ MORE

From the Article Farmers in the City
Albuquerque Journal, July 20th, 2009:

Like Old McDonald, but on the edge of Downtown Albuquerque, the Grant family tends all God’s farm creatures great and small . . . READ MORE

From the New Mexico Magazine
Oct, 2009 Issue:

Go undercover: Spy destinations revealed. . . READ MORE

From the Article N.M. A Place for Spies
Albuquerque Journal, Feb 25th, 2011:

When retired KBG agents visit Santa Fe, they pose for a picture . . . READ MORE

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