Murder Mystery Dinner Events – Friday Oct. 24th and Nov. 7th!!

Looking for something totally different and fun to do during the next couple weeks? Look no further……Friday night Oct. 24th (2 spots left) or Friday night Nov. 7th come join us at the Spy House for a night of murder, great food from the Artichoke Cafe and lots of fun! 

Also a time to remember who David Greenglass (recently passed away) was. He actually worked in Los Alamos on the Atomic Bomb and later shared those secrets with Harry Gold (soviet spy) through his connections with his sister and brother-in-law – Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.  It’s now a great time to come stay in a place of history and even join us for a murder mystery dinner event specially designed around what happened right here in Albuquerque. Check out our site for more details and to reserve.
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