Essential Oils and Homemade Creations

The special touch. That’s the key ingredient in all things B&B. Whether it’s the smidgen of butter we put in our truffle ganache, or the light sprinkle of course sugar on top of our scones, Downtown Historic Bed and Breakfast strives for excellence in customer service. Do you enjoy the pampered feeling of dropping a bath bomb into a freshly draw tub that soaks your cares away? Our bath bombs contain essential oils that you help do just that.

Double Agent Undercover Conditioner

Along with making bath bombs, we also use an essential oil in our homemade conditioner, Double Agent Undercover Conditioner, Codename: Bumblebee. This lotion has a goat’s milk base that goes smoothly onto your skin. Other homemade products we sell are shampoo, body wash and homemade soap.

Double Agent Espionage Shampoo

For those who tend to have certain allergies towards ingredients, they might could benefit from using essential oils. They are believed to be an aid to the body, each having their own properties, components and area of specialty.

 We recently held a special promotion for those who signed up for our newsletter, we sent out free bath bombs as a prize! If you would like more information on our specials and promotions, sign up today! 

How to make our Double Agent Explosive Bath Bombs:                                                 


1 cup baking soda

Fresh batch of rose scented bath bombs Code name: Rosenberg

1/2 cup citric acid

1/2 cup Epsom Salt

1 tsp witch hazel

2 tsp essential oil

3 tsp. coconut oil

Food coloring of your choice             

Bath Bomb’s offered in our gift shop. Go to our “Facebook Shop” to purchase yours now!




Mix together all wet ingredients

Combine the dry ingredients then gradually add the wet ingredients to the dry

Shape the mixture into balls. 

*At the Bed and Breakfast we use a meatball press for our bath bombs as it obtains the perfect shape

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