“Goin’ to the chapel and we’re… gonna get married?”

If you are on the look-out for wedding and event venues in Albuquerque, check out this list below which highlights some of the key points to look for when deciding where to have your special day!

There are a variety of details to take into consideration when choosing a venue, and plenty of questions to ask. We hope this list helps when making your decision!

  1. Is this venue indoor, outdoor or both? If it is outdoor, is there a back-up plan in case of bad weather? Make sure to inquire if there is a Plan B in case the weather decides to act up. With an outdoor wedding, the advantages are a more peaceful environment, beautiful photography opportunities and simply being surrounded by nature. With an indoor venue, advantages include no surprises with the weather and control of the lighting you desire.
  1. What days are available? Be cautious of this as some venues schedule events far in advance. Make sure you start venue shopping ahead of time to ensure a space on their calendar. If the day of your event is more flexible this helps with scheduling.
  1. If you are planning a wedding, is the rehearsal included at this location as well? When venues can also host the rehearsal, this helps to avoid confusion especially if you have out-of-town guests attending. It is good for all in the wedding to have the rehearsal at the same spot the ceremony will take place, as well as the photographer so that they can obtain a good sense of what the lighting will be like.
  1. What are the fees? How much is the deposit? Is there a cancellation fee? Pay attention to the details on when it is due and if it is refundable. Is there a payment plan?
  1. How many guests can this location accommodate? Take this into careful consideration when looking at venues as several have a capped limit. If you are looking to have a large wedding, make sure that they are able to accommodate all of your guests.
  1. Can you have the ceremony as well as the reception there? It can be very convenient to have the reception right after the ceremony at the same location, to keep the confusion down of having to travel to a new location. If the venue does not offer both, this can be a disadvantage as several guests might not want to take the drive to the reception site if it is too far away. If they don’t offer both, choose a reception site that is close to where the ceremony was held.
  1. Do they have preferred caterers or can you choose your own? Several venues have a preference for which companies they will work with. This could range from the caterers to the rentals of tables, chairs and linens.
  1. Is there on-site parking? This is something to be on the lookout for as it would be incredibly convenient for your guests to be able to park at the location of your event. Some venues offer valet services.
  1. Are they licensed to serve alcohol? How is the alcohol priced? If you are looking forward to the toast of the evening, consider if this venue has a license to serve alcohol. If they do, discover how the pricing is done.
  1. Are tables, chairs and linens provided? If the venue site does offer these amenities, that is wonderful! If they don’t, it is possible that they might have certain companies they like to go through to obtain this equipment, so always check to make sure if they have a preference.


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