Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day which means time to celebrate! Albuquerque is rich with pubs and breweries and more are opening all the time. Below is a list to try out!

My favorite pub in town in the Two Fool’s Tavern located on Central. This pub is an absolute blast and it’s a perfect place to visit on Saint Patrick’s Day! My favorite drink to get here is a Left Hand Milk Stout, if you’re feeling Irish today, check this pub out!

If you are looking more for a brewery, try Boxing Bear, Tractor Brewing or Marble Brewery. Boxing Bear and Tractor both have a delicious chocolate milk stout if you are looking for a darker beer that is super smooth and chocolatey. Marble is a fun place to go because of the really cool atmosphere, try their Double White if you are interested in a dryer, paler tasting drink that is not too bitter.

We all know that Saint Patrick’s Day is not complete until you have at least had one Guinness, and some corned beef and cabbage. Be safe and celebrate.





Written by Kalli Edminsten


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