Springtime Bucket List!

It’s spring and the weather is finally warming up! That means there are opportunities for outdoor activities or at-home crafting. Pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill, learn how to make paper flowers, or take a cooking class. Below is a to-do list of ten things I have compiled to help you get some ideas for activities to get you ready for the rest of the year! They are some of my favorite!

  1. Fly a kite – Spring in Albuquerque means a windy season for at least the months of March and April, take a kite to the park and maybe pack a picnic to bring with you.
  2. Take a hike – Speaking of picnics, perhaps you would like to hike that trail up Sandia that you’ve had your eye on. Now is the time to do so, bring a picnic with you! Sit beneath the tall ponderosa pines and enjoy the mountain air.
  3. Clean out your closet, bedroom or house — Donate what you don’t want or need.
  4. Hang up a wind chime – What better way to feel better about the wind than to listen to the chimes?
  5. Make and paint a bird house – Or just buy a paint a birdhouse? This is always a fun project to do
  6. Try your hand at poetry — Look to the blooming world around you for inspiration!
  7. Photograph the landscape – Or perhaps flowers in your backyard? Maybe take pictures on a hike or on an adventure?
  8. Make homemade paper lanterns – These are lots of fun to make! There are videos you can find online on how to make this awesome craft
  9. Make homemade paper flowers – Maybe a crown or a wreath?
  10. Take a bike ride – There are trails all over town, in the foothills on the eastside, and the petroglyphs on the westside! Maybe try out the trails along the Bosque and enjoy the view of the Rio Grande

We hope you will try some of these fun adventures this spring. Enjoy the warmer weather!



Written by Kalli Edminsten 



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