Easter Bunny Vases

This Easter, spruce up your home with some Easter crafts by creating a centerpiece or trying out new Easter goodies! Spend your day hard boiling eggs and dyeing them, maybe have an egg hunt and give prizes to whoever gets the most. Try your hand at creating the centerpiece that I will give instructions to below! This would look great on top of an Easter print table cloth or table runner. Show off your crafty abilities to your guests, we hope you enjoy it!


What You Will Need:




String or ribbon

Pink and black sharpies

Your favorite flowers


What You Will Do:

Step one: Paint your jar the color you desire – I would recommend white, brown or tan.

Step two: When this is dry, paint a cute bunny face on your jar!

Step three: fill your jar with your favorite flowers and set in the center of your table!



Written by Kalli Edminsten 


Steve & Kara Grant 

Downtown Historic Bed and Breakfasts 

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