From a Mother’s Heart

My 4 beautiful gifts – Jacob 8, Ethan 6, Hannah 4, Abbey 2

With Mother’s Day just around the corner I decide it was time for me to make a special post of my own.  When I think of holiday’s I think Mother’s Day is one of my favorite!  You could say this is because I am a mother of 4 and this is the day my kids are to celebrate me but, no this is not the reason (okay maybe just a little if I am honest).  No really I love this holiday because it is a time to celebrate women who have so selflessly given their hearts and lives to others – that being their children.  My own mother is a true example of this selfless gift.  She is to me by far the most amazing woman that I have known!  She is an amazing, Godly, creative person with a work ethic that puts me to shame and the inspiration behind me being the person I am today, and even more than that I can truly say she is my BEST FRIEND. If you can’t tell, I really adore this woman beyond words.  My hope and dream is that I could be half the mom she has been.  

Current picture of my BEAUTIFUL mom on the farm as her natural self

Being surrounded by all those I LOVE!

Staring into the face of our newest family additon – Charles Sutherland!

So all that being said it is such an honor to be a mom myself and to be able to incorporate some of the great lessons my mom has passed down to me to share with my own children.  When they were younger the lessons that were the most valuable was how to cook a well balanced meal for my kids to being able to make cute little outfits for them and just take time to play with them and enjoy them.  As she always told me when I was feeling guilty about a messy house or inadaquate in some task I was in – “don’t worry about those things or having the perfect house because in the end those are not the things your kids will remember.”  Those words always freed me when I felt a tug between a spotless house or just setting down and playing a game with my kids.  Now as they are older I am now learning a new valuable lesson my mom taught me just by example.  That is loving your kids enough to encourage them in their dreams and let them go to step out in this big world and at times fall but also to soar! 

Of all the things I have done in life I  have to say being a mom and guiding and letting go of these amazing, beautiful gifts God has placed in my life has been one of my FAVORITE jobs.  I can truly say thru all stages of my kids life – I LOVE BEING A MOM!

So to all mom’s out there – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  May God continue to give you the grace to manuver all stages of motherhood you are in, and just don’t forget to enjoy your kids – they truly are your legacy!    

My mom and dad holding thier newest legacy – Charles Sutherland Grant


3 thoughts on “From a Mother’s Heart

  1. I can hear Chotsy screaming about “that is a good picture of the horses”, but the picture of her an Biggun with the Great Grandbaby is wonderful. You can tell that Biggun is itching to get that one a lone with “Poppy” He will be spoiled rotten. Which is a good thing.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Kara! You are an amazing mother and woman of God. It is a pleasure to know you and work with you. Blessings now and forever! Dorothy

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