A Tribute to Father’s Everywhere

With Father’s Day just around the corner I felt a bit of a tug at my heart to make a special tribute to dad’s.  However not being a dad myself I am going to write it by reflecting on the three generations of fatherhood I get to see in my own life.  That being my own dad, my husband, and now seeing my son as a father.  To me these are some amazing men that, yes, they have their faults, like we all do, but they also have BIG hearts that love their families and adore their children!  

Standing in a beautiful crop of milo with my dad and siblings

Favorite thing my dad does with all his grandkids, take a photo on his horse with them.

The first dad I would like to mention is my father.  On the outside he can look like a pretty rough guy that has spent his life trying to do the best he can to provide for his family financially.  I will say on that end of things he has done an AMAZING job!  He married my mom at barely 20 years old with nothing.  In fact one of the best stories we love to tell about them starting off is how my mom and him would go in the evenings to different restaurants in Clovis, New Mexico and pick up the garbage to feed pigs they were raising. He even tells us to this day that when my older brother was born that he paid the hospital bill by selling some of those pigs.  He now has lots of farm land he owns as well as a ranch (something he always dreamed of having).  He lets me know that none of this was acquired though without lots of hard work and sacrifice. My dad has taught me so much – how important hard work is, being committed to something you start, and not easily giving up on things.  But more than all this I have had the ability to see the sweet, sensitive and caring side of my dad that exist under that hard, rugged exterior.  He truly has the most generous and giving heart of any man I know.  This is especially true when it comes to his kids and grandkids.   Like most dads he may have his faults but when it comes to dads I would say – God really blessed me when he allowed this man to be my dad!

Steve celebrating a special day with all his kids

Steve with Hannah

Steve and Abbey

So the next dad I have to talk about is the father to my four beautiful, amazing kids.  I know that he wouldn’t mind me saying, that as far as a dad to model what a good dad is, Steve didn’t really grow up with that.  But again God was very gracious and did place in his life some great role models of fatherhood.  That being said he used those models as well as his own great heart and intuition to be an amazing dad to our kids.  He was gone a lot when they were younger because of trying to provide for all of us.  But when he was home it was almost impossible to pull him away from his kids.  He was almost demanding about us sitting down in the evenings and having a meal together (which was some of our favorite family conversations and moments of laughter).  He loved for us to listen to music and dance together at times in the evening rather than “veg” out in front of the television.  My favorite memories of him was story time at night with the kids – especially if it was reading the story of Chicken Little – where he would make up voices and run up and down the hall between the kids rooms pretending the sky was falling.  He has such a light hearted humorous fun with the kids which I was reminded of this past weekend when Ethan got married and they made up an entire dance routine together!  The way that I have seen this man manuver through fatherhood has made me so thankful that I picked him not only to share my life with but to be the father of my children!

Jacob excitedly showing off his new son!

What an amazing young man. Graduating UNM this month with his beautiful wife and son.

The last dad I get to write about is my son.  He is still in the beginning stages of being a father so his story of fatherhood is just beginning.  But from what I have seen at this point I love watching.  Just as the generations before him I see him working so hard and desiring so badly to be a good provider for his little family.  I also see that he has learned from his other father models how to have a good and moral work ethic which I so admire.  But again I also see a sweet and tender love he has towards his new little son.  I see sweet little moments of him snuggling with his new little one in the early morning, to playing little silly games with him just to get a little grin from him that I am sure melts his heart.  He is getting to experience the great wonder of fatherhood and it is such a joy to watch him walk in it.  I am so excited to see how he chooses to manauver this amazing roll that has been placed on him.  

This tribute to the three amazing fathers that are in my life will hopefully help all of you think about all the men in your lives that have been fathers to you.  I think we shouldn’t just wait till Father’s Day to acknowledge those that have made such an impact on us in some way.  But I am glad that there is a day that reminds us to think of the “Father’s”  in our lives.  Father’s truly are such a gift from God, they bring into our lives a side of nurturing and love that a mother alone cannot fill.  So to all you men out there whether you are a father or are blessed with the opportunity to be a father figure to someone – thank you for walking in this roll and blessing all those that you are able to touch with a father’s love.   


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  1. Kara,

    That was so beautiful! I could see Steve running around pretending the sky was falling!!! We love you and your beautiful family! We are so blessed to have gotten to know you all and have the pleasure of keeping you all in our prayers!

    Cris and Michelle Roaque

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