Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

As I set here it is hard to believe we are at the end of summer rather than the beginnning.  School is about to start back up and then before we know it Fall will be upon us with the changing of the leaves and the cooler evenings.  But WAIT summer isn’t completely done yet!  Albuquerque still has some pretty amazing and fun events out there for us to enjoy.  

For example if you haven’t had the chance to savor some of the great local markets now is the time to get out there on a Saturday and soak up some of the great things locals are creating and sharing with us.  One that is super close to the bed and breakfast is the Downtown Growers Market off Robinson Street and Central – don’t let that crazy construction hold you back.( ).  Another fun one is the Railyard Market ( ).  This one is in the really cool historic railyard so you can also soak up some of the unique history of Albuquerque as well.

Another fun thing coming up is the Downtown Summerfest on August 12 ( ) The Civic Plaza will feature food, fun and music as well as some of Albuquerque’s local vendors.  If you want to make a fun weekend of it maybe just stay with us that night since the activities are from 5 – 10:30pm.  You can actually just walk back to the B&B after a full evening of fun!

One of the final events coming up that I can’t wait for and am sure I will be able to get most of my family to join me is the Macaroni & Cheese Festival on August 19 ( )!  Restaurants from all over are going to be presenting some of their prize macaroni and cheese dishes as well as music and local vendors to enjoy.  

These are just a few of the fun things Albuquerque is doing for this upcoming month.  And if you want to do some of the classic favorites there is still TONS of amazing places to hike, bike or just chill.  So just because schools is about to start and the summer vacations and travels are about to end doesn’t mean summer fun and maybe a little “staycation” can’t happen.  Keep on getting out there and enjoying this great city of ours and all the fun leisure things you can do in it!  

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